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Customers on the provincial Regulated Price Plan can switch between Time-of-Use and Tiered Pricing by submitting a Rate Option Selection form to Alectra Utilities using our online or manual form.

To complete and submit the online Rate Option Selection for Residential Customer form, press the Next button.
Download the Rate Option Selection form. Submit the completed form by email to RateOption@AlectraUtilities.com or postal mail to Alectra Utilities, P.O. Box 2249, STN LCD1, Hamilton, ON, L8N 3E4. Forms will be processed manually when received. To ensure your rate option selection is processed without issues or delay complete all fields on the application form.
  • We will do our best to process the change for the beginning of your next billing period. This typically means your rate will change within 30 days and all electricity used after this date will be charged at the new rate. You will see this on the following month's bill.
  • More than one Rate Option Selection cannot be processed in one monthly billing cycle.