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To complete and submit the online form, select the required option below to Close an Account, Open an Account or to both Close an Account and Open a new Account, then press the Next button.
Closing an Account Only
(All other customers moving out of the Alectra Utilities service area)

Opening an Account Only
(Moving in to the Alectra Utilities
service area)

Closing and Opening an Account
(Moving within the Alectra Utilities
service area)


When opening an account an Account Setup/Change of Occupancy Fee will be applied to your first bill. 

If Alectra Utilities is your municipality's water/wastewater biller, when opening or closing an account, please provide a meter reading on your service start or end date using our Water Meter - Submit a Reading online form.

Note: If Alectra Utilities is notified by an existing customer of a service termination date AND if an incoming customer, or their legal representative, does not request electricity service prior to the account closing date, the electricity service will risk disconnection. In addition to the inconvenience of having the electricity service disconnected, the incoming customer will be responsible for all associated reconnection charges. Alectra Utilities will not be responsible for any loss or damage occasioned by the connection or disconnection of service to a premises, as set out in Alectra Utilities' Conditions of Service document.

For service areas where Alectra Utilities acts as a billing agent on behalf of municipalities for water and wastewater services, the property owner of a residential premises will automatically assume responsibility for the water account and related charges as per municipal by-laws.  If the property owner is also the holder for a Alectra Utilities electricity account for the premises, then charges for water, wastewater and electricity will be included on a single Alectra Utilities bill.

Are you looking to have your meter/service permanently removed (i.e. due to demolition, temporary or flat rate service no longer required)? Do not use this form. Click here to make a service removal request.